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This is suppose to be the Kukup Laut "Town" Centre. All visitors including tourists coming with ferry using the sea route will reach here first. All shops and restaurants are situated here. The local residents call this town area as the "west-side".





Local famous seafood restaurants. There are quite a number of seafood restaurants serving very good, delicious and spicy seafood here, and a few Muslim Restaurants. Most of the shop houses are also built with wooden planks and on stilts.




参观海上养鱼场已经成为游客必到,也是他们最喜爱的地方。龟咯海域上有接近70座海上养鱼场,每个养鱼场都有几十个鱼格,每个鱼格是3m x 3 m,建筑一个鱼排(养鱼场)要马币大约20万令吉。鱼排出产的活鱼,大部分都外销到新加坡的裕廊市场。

Touring the floating fish farm is one of the tourits favourite. This is one of the on-the-sea fish farms. The worker is feeding the fish reared inside the net. There are a total 68 fish farms parked on the sea around Kukup. All of them belong to residents of Kukup Laut and Air Masin. Each fish farm costs about RM 200,000-00. Many spices of fish were reared here. These fish are usually exported to Singapore Jurong.





Many tourists mistaken Kukup Fishing Village Resorts as Pulau Kukup (Kukup Island). This is no correct since Kukup Island is an desolate and uninhabited island located on the Kukup Sea away from the village. It is located just opposite the Kukup Jetty on teh sea. This is the view of the island, it is the world's largest mangrove trees (Bakau tree) swamp with a total area of 1,645 acres, locally known as "Si Ka Pa" (In Hokkien "Square Land") because of it's square shape. The island is situated right in front of the mainland and is now a protected area as well as a National Park. Without any inhabitant, the island is occupied by poison snakes and wild boars. Pulau Kukup is a mangrove island located at about 1 Km offshore from the mainland town of Kukup Laut, at the South-western region of the state of Johor, and towards North-west of Tanjung Piai, Peninsular Malaysia. It is a small mangrove island (approximately 647.2 ha) surrounded by mudflats (about 800 ha). The mudflats extend up to a few Kilometres on the West and Northwest of the island.


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