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Kukup Laut, located on the west coast of Johor State, surrounded by water, is the southmost village found at the southwest tip of the Peninsular of West Malaysia, suppose to be the southmost village found in the Continental of Asia. Located about 80 Kilometres away from Johor Bahru, and 20 Kilometres from Pontian, 92 Kilometres from Batu Pahat, Kukup has only one road to access by land.


If you are travelling by road from Johor Bahru, then you should head towards north. You should follow the route to Senai/Kulai, but turn left at the signboard pointing towards Pontian. That is the district kukup belongs to. Pontian and Pontian Kecil is the same town you are heading. On the way you may pass by towns such as Pekan Nanas (the Pineapple Village) and then stop at the traffic junction where signboard indicating a left turn will head for Kukup. That is the exact and only road that will take you to and back the famouse Kukup fishing village.


People using the second link from Tuas of Singapore to Gelang Patah should also take the route heading towards Pontian (or Pontian Kecil, they are the same) first, and then turn left at the traffic junctions heading towards Kukup.


You may want to travel by sea bording ferry leaving World Trade Center in Singapore daily. The entire trip will take you about 45 minutes with fare consting about RM 50 for a to and from trip. Travelling via sea definitely is a nice experience and can avoid heavy traffic jam in the Johor Bahru - Skudai Route.


The Kukup famous seafood resorts is located geographically on the shore besides the Straits of Malacca with the nearby Tanjong Piai resorts which is famous for its name as the southmost tips of the Continental of Asia. If you are travelling from the northern part of the Peninsular of West Malaysia, then you should travel using the North-South Highway heading towards Johor. As soon as you are in the Johor State, make sure to find the Simpang Rengam signboard and leave the high way, heading towards Benut, a small town about 25 Km from Pontian. When you leave the highway, make sure you turn left finding the Benut town which is about 17 Km from this junction. When you reach Pontian or Pontian Kecil, you should head straight on towards Kukup.


Suppose you are travelling from the north not using the highway, then when you reach Johor, whether you are from Segamat or Muar. You have to head southwards to Batu Pahat, Yong Peng, Air Hitam or Simpang Rengam. When you reach these towns, make sure you find the road signboard heading for Benut then Pontian. Please read carefully using the map above, follow the roadsigns heading to "Pontian", and if you have any doubt, do not hestite to send me an e-mail, or call my cellphone.For those coming from the North, exit the Simpang Rengam toll will take you to Benut first, then to Pontian, and finally to Kukup. It is advisable to book the chalet house before coming to Kukup, as Kukup will be flooded with tourists during weekends.

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