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This is a common rear view of l the Kukup residential houses. The residents use the wooden jetty to access to their boats normally parked at their back door. Not far away, a fish farm is visible at sight.





Another rear view of the Kukup residential houses. All houses including shop houses and school here are built on stilts erected on the muddy swamp of the sea shore of Straits of Malacca. The wooden jetty is used to access to the boat, load and unloading goods, fish net and others.





Though all houses in Kukup Laut are built on stilts on the muddy swamp and are always surrounded by sea water, most of the houses here were built with concrete. The building cost is definitely higher than any house built on land. From this photograph, the structure of the concrete bridge-road leading into the village is clearly visible.





This is the Kukup Laut Immigration Department building built near the main road. Though you might think it was built on solid ground, but if you are careful enough, you will see the entire building was build on stilts. Bridge road is used to access to the building. Many people like to apply their passports here. The Immigration Department also deals with the application of the foreign workers, including the Indonesian workers entering into Malaysia.


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