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Kukup Laut, a very unique and a century old fishing village built entirely on stilts on the sea surrounded by water, is the southmost village found at the southwest tip of the Peninsular of West Malaysia, and suppose to be the southmost village found in the Continental of Asia.Located about 70 kilometres away from Johor Bahru, and 20 kilometres from Pontian, Kukup Laut has only one road to access by land. It may be reached by sea boarding ferry leaving World Trade Center in Singapore daily. The entire village is linked by jetty also built on stilts on sea. This place is famous of its seafood. It's geographically and ideally shadowed by one of the world's largest mangrove swamp island - Kukup Island along which numerous fish-farms bob up and down on the surface of the Kukup Sea.


The Fishing Village Resort is now famous and very popular not only to the Malaysian, but also to the Singaporean as well as foreign tourists. They come to Kukup to taste the famous, cheap and fresh seafood of all varieties of cooking. They wanted to witness for themselves life of the fishermen living in houses built on stilts. They wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. They wanted to admire the beautiful seascape and marvellous sunsets. They wanted to feel the cooling sea breeze touching tenderly and welcome them warmly. They wanted to see how fishes were caught and how they were reared. They wanted to get for themselves as well as their friends and relatives local varities, native products, watches and souvenirs at very low prices. They can sing Karaoke, barbecue, fishing, sightseeing, boat-touring, visiting the fish farm, playing mahjong under the moonlight, taste the wonderful spicy and delicious seafood and relax withonly RM 75 - RM 150 (approxiamately USD 22.5 - USD 45, SGD 32 - SGD 65) per person all inclusive.


Kukup Laut, as you will see for yourselves here, is an old fishing village with history of a century old. Its unique of a fishing village built entirely on stilts above the sea, linked by concrete jetty from house to house. As recent statistic shown, this old fishing village is occupied by some 1,000 residents wholly from the Chinese race. Out of a total of 172 houses, about 57 are used as Holiday Chalets. The village will be flooded with flow of tourists on Saturdays and Sundays. Tourists especially from Singapore like to tour and stay here in groups very frequently because of the economic and cheap expenditures, warm hospitality and many interesting places to be visited. Normally one will only have to spend about RM 75 - RM 150 (about US$22 - US$38) in Kukup, and they will get a lots back: seafood lunch/dinner, barbecue, breakfast, sightseeing, karaoke, visiting fish farm in boat and etc. They can shop here very cheap watches, clothing, and native products. The village is very well organised by a committe. This committee headed by the local Chief Community Leader Mr. Tan Soo Puan, helps the Government to keep the place well run and peaceful, as well as well developed. With the initiation of the Community Leader, the Committee started to reconstruct the bridge-road replacing wooden bridge-road with concrete bridge-road. At present, most of the bridge-roads were built with concrete though still were on stilts erected on the sea. Mr. Tan Soo Puan, or commonly known as Mr. William, is the present Community Leader or in Malay, they addressed him as Ketua Masyarakat (In Malay, Ketua = Leader, Masyarakat = Community). He is respected by all residents of Kukup, and anything happened here, normally people will go to him for help. Besides managing the administration of the Community, Mr William is also the present Chairman of the Board of Directors of the local Chinese School: Ken Boon Chinese Primary School.


If you are coming to Kukup, make sure you contact the chalet owner to book a room first if you are staying. This is because the chalets are normally fully booked on most of the Saturdays and Sundays. Just call the chalet owner using their telephone numbers listed in my webpage at: Chalet, tell them you were brought to them by Mr. Ang, the former Headmaster of the Ken Boon Chinese Primary School.

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