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Touring in Kukup

Touring in Kukup is normally charge with package tour of RM 75++ per person in a group of 5 - 10. You need to contact the chalet owner to arrange everything. You must book first in order to avoid disppointment. This is so because Kukup normally will be flooded with tourist especially those from Singapore. The package tour is inclusive of dinner on arrival, barbecue, staying in chalet overnight enjoying all facilities such as Karaoke, fishing, mahjong, ping-pong etc, next morning breakfast, boat tour to floating fish farm, and finally seafood lunch before department. You need to click the above chalet icon and contact yourself. Please inform the chalet owner that you were brought to them by Mr. Ang. Thank you.
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Kukup Laut, a very unique and a century old fishing village built entirely on stilts on the sea surrounded by water, is the southmost village found at the southwest tip of the Peninsular of West Malaysia, and suppose to be the southmost village found in the Continental of Asia. Located about 70 Kilometres away from Johor Bahru, and 20 Kilometres from Pontian, Kukup Laut has only one road to access by land. It may be reached by sea boarding ferry leaving World Trade Center in Singapore daily. The entire village is linked by bridge-road (jetty) also built on stilts on sea. This place is famous of its seafood. It's geographically and ideally shadowed by one of the world's largest mangrove swamp island - Kukup Island along which numerous fish-farms bob up and down on the surface of the Kukup Sea..........

Kukup Laut, located on the west coast of Johor State, surrounded by water, is the southmost village found at the southwest tip of the Peninsular of West Malaysia, and suppose to be the southmost village found in the Continental of Asia. Located about 80 kilometres away from Johor Bahru, and 20 kilometres from Pontian, Kukup Laut has only one road to access by land. If you are travelling by road from Johor Bahru, then you should head towards north. You should follow the route to Senai/Kulai, but turn left at the signboard pointing towards Pontian. That is the district kukup belongs to. Pontian and Pontian Kecil is the same town you are heading. On the way you may pass by towns such as Pekan Nanas (the Pineapple Village) and then stop at the traffic junction where signboard indicating a left turn will head for Kukup. That is the exact and only road that will take you to and back the famous Kukup fishing village.

Kukup has long been a favoured destination for seafood lovers and a heaven for bargain hunters, is now home to an exciting holiday concept - a holiday house located in the middle of the sea! There are well-managed chalet that can accomadate small group providing home stay rate. And there are also chalet with spacious and luxuriou bedrooms which can accomadate some 80 person, providing spacious space for activities such as games, karaoke, mahjong, ping-pong etc. Imagine how romantic when you are with good friends, lover, partner, family members, while doing barbecue enjoying the cool sea breeze, enjoying the quiet and peaceful fishing village night, enjoying watching the blinking stars, fishing on the Lover's Bridge, chatting with each others, and sleep on a house that was built on the sea, listening to the sea waves while sleeping.

Kukup enjoys its name as a famous fishing village built entirely on stilts, majority of the residens are fishermen or fish farmers. They catch fish from the sea - Straits of Malacca, and sell them to the market place in Pontian. There are many seafood restaurants here serving very fresh and cheap food of various style of cooking. Most of the restaurants here serve very good and fresh fishes, prawns, crabs, lobsters, cuttlefish and many others. As the sea harvest is good, many fishermen used to keep some fish, prawns and cuttlefish for themselves, or dried them in the tropical sun. This dried and sometimes salted fish, prawns, and cuttlefish also are sold to tourists.

The District which is now known as PONTIAN, was called KUKUP or KUKUB with its administrative center located somewhere near the present harbour in Kukup Laut. In those ancient time, the West Coast of Johor, from Kukup to Benut was the stop and rest place of the sea pirates based in the Straits of Kukup. They stationed and based at the river mouths of the Perhentian Besar River, and the Perhentian Kechil River. (In Malay "Perhentian" means Stopping Place (Mooring Place), "Besar" means big, "Kechil" means small, and "Sungai" means river.) These two rivers were then called the Pontian Besar River (Sungai Pontian Besar) and Pontian Kechil River (Sungai Pontian Kechil). Thus it was obvious that the name PONTIAN, came from the Malay word Perhentian meaning the Stoping Place (mooring place).

You have to walk, if you want to know more about Kukup Laut. Though the local folks cycle in the village, it is too dangerous for an outsider to ride a bicycle on the bridge-road of the village. You may fall down into the muddy swamp under the bridge-road. The folks are friendly, amiable and hospitable. You will enjoy their sincere and friendly smiles all the way you walk inside the village. Visit the temples in the village, enjoy listening to the folk tales and stories of the ancient fishing village. Try to taste some local food stuff like 'hei-te' (fried shrimp pancake), and many others.


Lastly, I will be taking you to a virtual tour around the Kukup Fishing Village. Hopefully my attempt of providing a move-around tour is able to show you the real daily life of a simple fishing village. Kukup Laut is now switching to various different earning. Fishing was the sole source of income is now becoming the secondary source of income. The main source of income in Kukup nowaday other than income acquired from tourism is from the floating on-the-water fish farm.

Kukupnet now also in Chinese Language. 龟咯旅游资讯网中文版已经上网。
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