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This is the bird's-eye view of the whole Kukup Laut Fishing Village taken from an airplane. The whole village was built on the muddy swampy shore in the water. The photograph was taken in the 1976, many developments have since changed the outlook of the village.





This is the most popular type of fishing method used here. It is called the "trolley net" (Tigerhead Net in Hokkien) fishing. The net is cast at the rear of the boat and troll for a long distance before it is lifted up using the boat's trolley engine. The other popular method is the net-casting method where the fishing net is cast into the sea and lifted up manually.





This is yet another method of fishing in Kukup, but now no more in use. It was called "Kelong" or "fish trap". Bamboo and palm tree trunk were erected by poking into the sea bed. Two rows of trunks built like two walls in the direction of the current flow. The fish will then be led into the trap where a net is ready to be lifted up and all fish will be caught.




这是龟咯其中一座非常漂亮的海上度假屋。新加坡电视台曾经拉队到这里拍戏。游客很喜欢龟咯的一站式度假配套,只需RM 75 - RM 120,游客就可以住进度假屋,而且还包括了晚餐、早餐、午餐跟烧烤,海上坐船参观养鱼场,确实非常超值。

This is one of the most beautiful on-the-sea chalet house. This chalet house was once used to film the Singapore Television drama series where a few Movie Stars were here. Many tourits from local and foreign especially the Singaporean like to tour and stay here because of the economic expenditure. For a package tour of 2 days 1 night, the charge os only RM 75 - RM 120 for a package tour including stay 1 night in chalet, barbecue, fishing, seafood lunch, village style breakfast, boat tour sightseeing, visiting the floating fish farm and enjoy the Karaoke facility provided.


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