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Southmost Tip of the Asia Continent: Tanjung Piai




Tanjung Piai has been declared as the Southmost tip of the Asia Continent. The scene here is marverllous and beautiful like that of a painting. It is located not far away from Kukup. Tourist driving own vehicle may turn at the Police Station of Permas, some 3 Kilometres from Kukup Laut, when reaching Serkat, find the roadsign to Tanjung Piai. Though the place is quite remote, but it is worth going there. The National Park is situated here too. When the weather is good, ocean tankers are visible and so is the Singapore mainland.





The chalets here are all built on stilts standing on the muddy and swampy shore on the water. Tourists have to walk across the long wooden bridge to reach the Chalets. The chalets and restaurants are operated by the local Malays.





The sampan of the shadow sea Malay fishermen and the wooden stilts form a very beautiful painting-like scenery.


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